Strategies for choosing colors:

Some customers know the color and sheens that they want long before they contact us. Other customers have a very difficult time choosing colors. If you are unsure of the colors, tell us when scheduling an estimate. The estimator can then bring appropriate materials to assist you in choosing that perfect color. You can also go online (see below), where they provide strategies for selecting colors and pallets of available colors, or to the paint store.
If you have trouble making such decisions or lack confidence, we suggest that you refer to pamphlets showing compatible color combinations.
In any case if there is doubt we encourage you to buy quart samples of the colors and put them on the walls, etc., to see what the colors really look like under your conditions. We would be happy to do this for you but we will use whatever remains of this paint as part of a first coat during the painting process.

Internet sites with colors and aids for color selection:
Help with colors

Strategies for reducing painting costs: Use the same paint for walls, ceilings, doors, kitchen, baths and cabinets/closets and baseboards. This is a popular selection of many of many apartment owners/ property management companies. Semi-gloss latex is often used throughout because of its ability to be cleaned. Residential houses may use a slightly more expensive variation of this- flat for walls and ceilings, semi-gloss latex for kitchen/baths/doors/cabinets, but all the same color.
Stick with the same gloss and color as before:
One coat can cover if over the same color and will still give your home/property the newly painted look and smell.
Get rid of the carpet and flooring after painting:
The truth is that it takes time to mask off floor coverings prior to painting. If you are going to replace the carpet/flooring, tell the painter. For heaven's sake, don't replace floor covering before painting.

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Paint problems post application: Dunnedwards

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